East and West Collide!

Heya folks!!

So we’re pretty much all set here, some minor tweaks and twonks aside I think we’re good to go.

With a little luck and some more pushing at our side, you should have a few new webcomics to enjoy in just days from now!

In the meantime, lots of news, not the least of which is a partnership between us here at Meta Desi and our friends over at Chariot Comics andthis new little venture is an Image Comics style venture where we run both imprints with their unique mandates and talent pools as independant but also cooperate and share our resources – both financial and creative to boost what we can accomplish and bring YOU, the reader, more comic-y goodness! The bad-a$$ looking banner above shows you the new logo and the two comic universes getting set to collide (and they will!).

In addition to that, we’ve also got a HUGE new comic to announce – in a very rare kind of deal, we here at Meta Desi are not just proud but ecstatic to announce that we have only recently concluded a negotiation


Aiming to bring East and West a little closer together, ICBM Comics and Meta Desi reached out to fellow creatives in the Indie-comics scene in Europe and found a great new partner in BookMaker Comics. Together they’re proud to bring you the first of many amazing new titles and start a new chapter in this new era of the Indian comics industry.

Love_me_1_cvrLove me like a Psycho Robot (BookMaker Comics/Meta Desi Comics)
Story by : Valeriana Cretella
Art by : Stefano Cardoselli
Colours: Angela Tottarelli
(EXCLUSIVE: Indian Edition Special Variant Cover by Stefano!)

From it’s first pages which include a bunch of hippies getting thrashed by a robot wielding a giant shark, “Love Me Like A Psycho Robot” is a story full of love, bullets, blood and of course, very huge animals and weapons!
If you’ve never read a comic by Stefano Cardoselli (Heavy Metal Magazine, 2000AD), you don’t know what you’re missing and this short tale of love and mayhem is the perfect place to discover his work. Together he and co-creator Valeriana Cretalla (Arcana Comics) bring you one of the most utterly insane comics you will ever read, one that despite all it’s chaos and action still manages to find its heart and gives the kind of subtle story-telling (and sometimes not so subtle) you would not expect from an all-out action comic.
There is action in plenty and loads of over the top craziness that is not to be missed in this one-of-its kind love story!
Releasing officially at the upcoming Bangalore Comic Con taking place from September 12th-14th, make sure you come and get your copy of this limited edition comic for which Stefano has crafted an Exclusive Indian Edition Variant Cover which will be available ONLY with this limited 1st print-run!

As a special treat – here’s the first few pages for your enjoyment! Allons-y!!


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