Jataka Manga: Chapter 1 Pg 1

From the creative duo behind the comic and from the rest of us at Meta Desi, it’s been fantastic to see the interest and following of this comic before we’ve even started – so Thank You!

Without readers, we have no purpose – you are indispensable and we appreciate every single one out there.

NOW! Here you have the first page of our first story, what do you think it is? Ring any bells yet?

Each chapter will be an individual fable and each will have it’s own unique cover art just like any other comic. (Yes, we are constantly hoping for a print edition and so even the webcomic has been made with that in mind! :D)

As a launching bonus, the next page will be up today itself! TWO FOR ONE! BONUS!!!

BUT before we get to that, say hi to the guys who bring this stuff to life, the “Brothers Chitragranda” themselves:

mio (Copy) (2)
Gowra Hari is a classical artist with a masters from Hyderabad central university who changed his career direction towards manga for the sake of pure passion for his childhood dream. To achieve a goal to compete with mangakas of japan and a dream to be acknowledged as a professional mangaka he pursues strongly.


creator1 (Copy)
Ananth Maruthi is an engineer by profession graduating from PESIT and venturing into the world of comics/mangas provided the much needed adventurer’s high.

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