Jataka Manga: Chapter 1 Pg 3


All of us here at Meta Desi hope you guys had a spectacular holiday and a good break for the New Year.

We all had a great recharging time and are now back and ready to jump whole-hog into bringing you new comics – both on the web and off it!

With this post we conclude the first mini-tale from the Jataka Manga (and thanks to everyone who has shown such support on our social media pages!) and next week we start story #2! So stick around!

Also, more news coming soon of a yet ANOTHER new webcomic to be started here very soon, which will be three new comics for your viewing pleasure all week long and soon the return of the every insane Shtick Figures as well!

See you tomorrow for a new page from Roulette.

Cheers all!

– Akshay