Jataka Manga: Chp 4 Page 2


Hey folks!

So we had to miss out on Shtick Figures last week and this post was delayed from yesterday to today, but with good reason: I was away at the Bangalore Comic Con, meeting, greeting and interacting with all the readers there.

It’s always amazing to meet the people who have read our comics and come back for the new ones with kind words and encouragement – it makes all the hard-work, blood, sweat and tears worth it.

Plus we get to introduce new people to the Meta Desi universe, as well as the comics of our partners in ICBM Comics.

ALSO, in case you missed it, I was exceedingly fortune that I got to sit and conduct an hour-long session with Mr. Mark Millar, a name that most hardcore comic fans will be instantly familiar with – if you want to check out the official event video of the session, just use the link below and enjoy!

Mark Millar Special Skype Session At Bangalore Comic Con 2015!

Well, been crazy, lots to do, lots to do – we’ll see you tomorrow (I hope!) with a new Shtick Figures update.


– Akshay