Jataka Manga Chp 6 Pg 4

The deadly game of Pig and Wolf is well and truly on! Only one page to go before this saga, er, chapter comes to a close!

Thanks to everyone who’s been sticking with us and enjoying these comics. As always, leave us your thoughts here, on facebook or on twitter as nothing makes our day like hearing back from folks like you.


After a successful debut in Ground Zero v2 and v3, the positive response to our quirky little comic titled “Holy Hell” led us to debut the already released stories collected into Holy Hell #1 recently at Hyderabad Comic Con – BUT NOW with Delhi Comic Con around the corner, we are well underway to bringing you HOLY HELL #2!!!

Containing all new stories, new characters, new fights and lots and lots of jokes that will make turn your brain to jelly with their awesomeness!!! Check out this wicked little teaser we’ve got primed for the release and keep an eye open on our social media platforms for more teasers and info closer to the Convention!

And please pray for series artist Abhijeet Kini, who has been chained in the basement and is being fed only granola bars and butter chicken until he finishes the comic – see how much we love you guys? The things we put our artists through just for your reading pleasure?HolyHell PromoHoly Hell is drawn by Abhijeet Kini and Written by Zafar Khurshid and yours truly! See you all in the funny pages!

– Akshay



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