Jataka Manga Chp 7 Pg 1

Happy NEW YEAR all you lovely, fantastic Meta Desi’s out there!

We’re back with all new Jataka Manga tales for you and there are several chapters in a row all set and in storage now so you shall be getting a steady stream of these pages in the weeks and months ahead! 🙂 As always, send your love and thanks to the creative brotherly team of Ananth and Gowra!

We kick off the new year with a sweet, funny tale of a honesty and a good heart – seemed fortunate that this is the chapter kicking off the new year!

2015 was a great year for us here at Meta Desi, it saw the launch of a record (for us!) THREE new comics as Ground Zero v3 launched to much great feedback from all of you out there AND our most popular member of that little anthology got itself it’s very own comic: HOLY HELL!

The first successful spin-out from our anthologies, HOLY HELL #1 launched Bangalore Comic Con and we continued the momentum and energy by bringing out Holy Hell #2 just a couple of months later at Delhi Comic Con just last month and so far the reviews and fan feedback have been not just encouraging but exciting to see and hear!

So stick with us folks and we’ll be bringing you not just more Holy Hell but many other new comics in the year ahead thanks to your support AND please do let us know if you guys want to see a collection of Jataka Manga in print form for all the younger, little Meta Desi’s among you!

See you Monday for the first page of this new tale!


Akshay Dhar


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