Jataka Manga Title

At last! After a mere two weeks of teasing, the dawn of the Jataka Manga begins!

A quick brief on what this is and what we’re up to here:

The Jataka Tales are originally the tales of the past life of the Buddha – but over time, the name has also come to encompass stories with Buddhist teachings or more simply, fables for children not unlike the legendary Panchatantra or Aesop’s Fables which we have all enjoyed at some point in our childhoods. (Who here doesn’t remember stuff like the tortoise and the hare??)

Now, thanks to the talent of our new partners in comic-creating, we bring you something new. They are two of the most authentic mangakas I’ve seen around here and are not just passionate about what they do, but have the skill to back it up.

So come, as we open the book on the 1st story from the Jataka Manga, our collection of timeless tales told through the lens of comic and manga fans – FOR comic and manga fans.

…And if we are truly lucky and find a lot of support from you our dear readers, perhaps sooner or later we will be able to collect all these amazingly rendered tales into print editions which you can gift to the children in your life or simply enjoy as a unique collection of tales unlike any of it’s kind.

Here is the title page and stick around, later today we will be posting up not just one but TWO pages of the story for you. THREE POSTS IN ONE DAY!

NOTE: Herafter Mondays will be Jataka Manga days, Wednesday will see the continuation of fan favourite Roulette and Fridays will be the day of the Shtick Figures and their cheesy humour to start the weekend.

Cheers all!

– Akshay

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