Roulette Vol.1 Page 11 (Mid-season break!)

It’s break time dear reader!

This epically cool comic is going on break for a little while. We know it’s annoying, but it’s for a good cause – the art Jaikar does for this comic is beyond fantastic and you have told us as much, but it also takes him time, time which is limited since we can’t pay him for this right now and he has to do it between work and out of love and passion for his art.

SO! Rather than subject you to more delays or lags or other problems, we are taking a cue from television and taking a mid-season break at this point and leaving you on a wee bit of a cliff-hanger. But fear not, the rest of the story is penned out and under production, but this time are we going to try and finish as much (if not all!) of the remainder so that you can get it all in proper due time with no delays!

Bear with us, thank you from our hearts and bottoms for sticking with us and we hope you’ll continue to do so and enjoy the other comics we have (and a few that are about to start) while you await the return of this series.


– Akshay


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