Shtick Figures #001 : The Bird

At last we begin!!

We’ve been teetering on the edge of diving into the webcomic world here at Meta Desi Comics, but somethings always pushed it to the burners in the rear – BUT NO MORE!!

Starting today, every Monday, drop in to find a silly, quirky and chuckle-friendly installment of this simple series.

We just wanted to tell you good folks some hearty jokes and not waste too much time with fancy art (plus Akshay can’t draw too good!) (Quiet you!!) so we’ve chosen to keep it simple and focus on the funny.

These strips are all scripted by Zafar Khurshid (co-creator of Holy Hell) and drawn by the clearly artistic Akshay Dhar.

We hope you enjoy this never-ending gag-fest and stick around to enjoy the other webcomics we’re developing which will slowly but surely be making their way here in the days ahead.

Coming next: Roulette, a wicked noir-styled mini-tale!

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