Shtick Figures #003 : Civet Coffee

Howdy there folks!!

For those of you who may have thus far escaped any knowledge whatsoever of what exactly “Civet Coffee” is, here’s a LINK to explain the basics to you to add to your already vast general knowledge!

Packed, Stacked and headed your way Bangalore!!
Packed, Stacked and headed your way Bangalore!!

…we advise keeping a bucket of some kind nearby just in case, especially if you’ve been drinking it without knowing what makes it so… special…

UPDATE: As we start the final countdown to the upcoming Bangalore Comic Con where we launch our brand-spanking new comic “Love Me Like A Psycho Robot”, the excitement just keeps on building (as does the tension!) but we’re keeping it together and have no fear, your comic strips here will continue to go up like clockwork!

Those of you making it there: SEE YOU AT BANGALORE!!! WOOHOO!!!



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