Shtick Figures #004 : The Truth About Ventriliquists!

Another Monday, another new Schtick Figures strip!

Woohoo! Four weeks and we’re still alive! Who’d have thunk it was possible? Thanks for sticking around, we’ll keep ’em coming and we hope you’ll come back tomorrow for another installment of Roulette!

We’re busy prepping the last of our things (and ourselves!) as we’ll be headed south in just a couple of days for the Bangalore Comic Con which will be featuring guests like David Lloyd (V for Vendetta artist), Peter Kuper (writter and illustrator of SPY vs. SPY ) and Sana Amanat (Editor and Co-creators of Kamala Khan, a.k.a Ms. Marvel!) and more!

It’s going to be a whopper and we’re not just excited but insanely nervous as we prepare for the Love Me Like A Psycho Robot launch – we hope you folks love it!

Anyway, enough nervous belly-aching – Have a good week folks!

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