Shtick Figures #010: After You!

Aaaaaaand we’re back! Hump-day brings the stick-y fun back! (…and yes, we know how that sounds! clearly we all have terribly dirty minds!)

The silly, goofy and utterly nonsensical stick-figure Shtick-stravaganza is back on the tracks as we restart the comic series here this week.

It’s always been an exercise in quick and simple fun and we got side-tracked for a while with other things but now we’ll be giving you your weekly dose of silly right here with these odd-ball characters – squarely mid-week when a little chuckle and some silliness is needed.

In the NEWS section today, we actually have some for you – we are well on course and preparing for the release of the eagerly awaited 3rd volume of our anthology GROUND ZERO in time for the Bangalore Comic Con, BUT the comics will be available on pre-order and general purchase online before the event takes place. Because we want to release comics not just for comic cons, but mainly for you the reader and to show that you will get new comics as we make them and not dependant on any event alone!

More news on all this will be coming soon with more art, more info and more concrete dates and such. So stick around, have a few laughs and we’ll see you in a few!


– Akshay


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