Once more unto the breach!

Hello, Namaste, Olá, Bonjour, Kon’nichiwa, Hyālō, Yo! (etc, etc…)

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Welcome to the party folks!

You have arrived at the hub of Meta Desi from which we will be attempting to entertain you in every way possible!

This site is a dual-purpose site:

1. We will be sharing news on our publications and other projects from time to time, BUT,

2. Mainly it will be a place to showcase a variety of web-comics – both single-strip gag comics to longer ongoing ones, all in an effort to bring you something to brighten your day a little more.

You can therefore think of this as a sort of homepage/base for Meta Desi Comics, a brand new creator owned and run comic production house from India.

People keep asking, why “Meta Desi”? To answer that, click through here to our “About” page to answer all your burning questions and also feel free check out info on our Comic Crew who have contributed to the published volumes of our flagship anthology Ground Zero (which you can get your own copies of from here) and the web-comic creators.

And no, there will be no elephant rides or snake charmers.

…there might be camel toes…

We mean on actual camels! Please, we go for cheap laughs but even we draw the line somewhere! (..it gets blurry, but we try to keep an eye on it!)

In any case, we’ll be launching two, count them, TWO shiny new webcomics here very shortly which will each release on a regular time-table (we hope!) with more on the way in the months ahead!

For now, enjoy this lovely little “Under Construction” cover art from our own Tarun P.!

Cheers all!

– The Right Reverend Akshay Dhar, Ordained Dudeist Priest

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