The Crew!

Akshay Dhar (Founder of Meta Desi / Writer / Artist)Akshay D.

(Once discovered the meaning of life but forgot to write it down.)

A writer when life permits, a music and nature lover, (attempted) humourist, nerd, scribbler, day-dreamer, arm-chair philosopher and random road-tripper… A strangely hopeful cynic first and foremost from all accounts.

Once a young geek-ling who migrated and “matured” from comics to literature and more esoteric reading and ideas – eventually found his way back to the wonderful worlds that come from putting a dreamers’ pen to paper!

Loves to let his mind wander and at times it takes forever to find its way home. Loves all comics so long as they are not just pretty pictures – but will make exceptions for masters like Geof Darrow and J.H.Williams III.
His own blog can be found HERE.


554156_10151973912775739_586206738_nAbhijeet Kini (Artist)

A friend and frequent contributor to Meta Desi, he has been a constant on the team since day-1.

An illustrator/animator, he has been drawing things for over a decade now. Featured in publications like Mid-Day, Hindustan Times and Time-Out, he has been in the comic domains since 2004 when he started illustrating for Tinkle Comics, one of his mainstays. Besides Tinkle, he has illustrated for graphic novels like Uud Bilaw Manus, Chairman Meow and others – however he is perhaps best known for his creator-owned and self-published titles like Angry Maushi and it’s sequel and for his rendition of Cow-Zilla from Holy Hell in the 2nd Meta Desi anthology.

His Homepage.


AnantPicAnant Sagar (Writer / Artist)

Anant is a comic nut, martial arts aficionado, anime and manga geek.

He mostly loves Deadpool. No, he really, really, REALLY loves Deadpool

Oh and he’s also a lawyer/advertiser by day.

(…so if you hear about a hairy ninja hopping around Delhi beating up thugs and giving them subpoena’s or putting up ads you know where to look!)

He drew the action-packed and first of their kind India manga series Super Soldier Squad for Ground Zero and with Volume 3 of the anthology he is making the move to writer by co-scripting the story that wraps up the 1st arc of the popular series.

He is also the co-creator and artist of the upcoming web-comic We Can Be Zeroes! right here!


JaikarJaikar Marur (Artist – Roulette)

Jaikar Marur paints.

Some make sense.

Others sell for ridiculous amounts of money.

In his head.
Works in illustration, comics, graphic novels and paintings.

Loves art. Hates diplomacy.

You can find him and his work


meRam V. (Writer)

Ram makes up stories for a living. Sometimes they have pictures. He writes the on-going ‘Aghori’ series and his stories have appeared in several comic anthologies – most recently in BloodRoot #3. Hates blank pages. Doodles.

Here, he’s the writer behind Roulette.



tarunPTarun Padmakumar (Artist)

An Indian animator and illustrator from Cochin, Kerala. He graduated from NID in 2010 and has since dabbled in the areas of film making, illustration and graphic design.

Tarun has an affinity for many things, some of which are comic books, video games, and water-theme parks. Some of his art and animations can be seen here: DeviantArt  / Vimeo

His first published comic was Raakshas Rising in both the 1st volumes of Ground Zero and his unique art-style has been very well received.


ZafarPicZafar Khurshid (Writer)

A lawyer by profession and a professional couch-potato by choice.

In the rare instances when he is not in a near vegetative state, he is known to try his hand at photography, poetry and writings of a generally geeked out nature and his greatest talent seems to be remembering the lyrics to every song he’s ever heard.

He is responsible for co-scripting the new hilarious parody-filled comic Holy Hell, so remember to give him equal blame for it! This is his first time writing for comics, but more of his work can be found at:


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