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0Ground Zero: Volume 3


…no it isn’t we’re just kidding, we just wanted your attention…

Come and be part of the dynamic new face of Indian comics! You can eagerly dive into the many worlds within be it the gritty, post apocalypse of Desolation Runner, the absurd hilarity of Holy Hell with the insane pair of Dara and Blue or even the fantastic worlds of The Last Baqani.

THE EAGERLY AWAITED FINAL ANTHOLOGY IS HERE!! After a successful run of stories in Ground Zero’s 1st two volumes, all the ongoing stories wrap up their first arcs with a BANG before moving into phase-2 of the Meta Desi Madness that is to come!


INDIAN-LOVE-600x999Love Me Like a Psycho Robot (Special Indian Edition)

The first of our hopefully many collaborations with BookMaker Comics from Europe and artist extraordinairre Stephano Cardoselli who did this insanely AWESOME variant cover for us.

The story of Love Me Like A Psycho Robot revolves around a robot named “Love” who was created by a group of greedy, corporate fat-cats. These quintessential evil-dudes are trying to root out some tree-hugging hippies from some land that they’re squatting on. All previous attempts have utterly failed and so “Love” is their last chance. So they literally want to kill the hippies with Love. It’s an all-out b***s-to-the-walls action-fest but somewhere under it all it’s got a touch of social commentary, not too much, just enough to not impede the fun!


Ground Zero: Volume 2

Ground Zero v2 cover previewThe eagerly anticipated follow up to the landmark Indian comics anthology!

Released at the Mumbai Film and Comic Convention in December 2013, this new book takes everything Meta Desi and makes it bigger and better at a whopping 60 pages!

We’ve also added a bunch of new members to the family this time around with Sudeep Menon scripting a tale drawn by Ahmed Sikander, India’s first ever “Curry-western” adventure. Then there’s Zafar Khurshid making his comic debut as he teams up with veterans Abhijeet Kini and Akshay Dhar for a hilarious romp of gargantuan proportions! Other new names include Khanseng Mein and Vivek Nag and of course the returning cast of creative crazies in the form of Anant Sagar, Sammi Lenker, Tarun Padmakumar and Sahil Rao now truly finding their groove and you’ve got yourself one hell of a comic ride to look forward to between these covers!

Be prepared to have your mind blown away and then some.

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Ground Zero: Volume 1

00A-Front CoverHeroes, a Friendly Deity of Death, drunken revellers, ancient Simian races, Super-Soldiers, Demons and so much more are to be found within the covers of this debut anthology from some of the most creative young minds trying to break into Indian comics today!

Filled to the brim with Fantasy, Science Fiction and all manner of speculative fictions, Ground Zero is the first taste of something exciting, innovative and new for comic fans from all over the globe and all walks of life!

In this anthology, you will find a place where different artist with different styles and sensibilities will bring you a set of stories of varying genres – something for everyone is our motto! – and in doing so, take the first steps in hopefully creating a hub for the many talented writers and artist who are struggling to find an outlet.

Some of our tales will be short and sweet and be completed in this volume, others will continue in future volumes in the true spirit of anthologies like the legendary 2000AD and Heavy Metal.